Inspiring calm and confidence in the face of cancer

Are you an exhausted or burnt out caregiver?

Providing care for someone can take a tremendous toll on the health of the caregiver, and we have a six-week program to help you recover!

Is integrative cancer care for you?

A cancer diagnosis can bring a great deal of fear and overwhelm. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Gair works with people who are looking for support during their conventional treatment. She is passionate about the ability of naturopathic medicine to make treatment easier on you and in some cases, more effective. She will work alongside your oncology team and determine the safest forms of complementary therapies to help you thrive.


Evidence-Based Integrative Cancer Care

Naturopathic medicine thrives in education and supporting patients with cancer to maintain quality of life and optimize their outcomes. You will work directly with Dr. Gair, ND to develop an individualized treatment plan that aligns with your goals and needs.  Dr. Gair uses published literature and case studies to determine what is most suitable for your case.


A Reliable Guide Through Overwhelming Times

One of the most common complaints heard is that there are endless amounts of resources and opinions and people don’t know who or what they can trust.

Dr. Gair, ND help you navigate recommendations and decide what is best for your diagnosis, phase of treatment and life.


Meet The Cancer Naturopath


Dr. Alaina Gair

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Gair works to support patients before, during and after conventional care and strives to improve quality of life for her patients undergoing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

She is passionate about cancer treatment support

and helping patients and their families navigate cancer.

Let's work together

Virtual visits allow you to meet Dr. Gair and associates online from the comfort of your home.



I know you're overwhelmed with all of the resources for thriving through cancer - I can help!