The Cancer Naturopath Team

At TCN, we are dedicated to providing the best cancer patient care. Led by Dr. Gair, our naturopathic doctors collaborate seamlessly. Our priority is to offer tailored treatments and guidance, ensuring you receive optimal support for your unique diagnosis and recovery journey.

Meet Dr. Alaina Gair

Navigating a cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming journey. I am here to provide support, helping you navigate this path with personalized and evidence-based care.

At the core of my practice, I employ the principles of naturopathic medicine to empower you to take control of aspects of your health that you can influence. Working together, we'll focus on strategies to optimize your well-being while complementing and preparing for your treatments with your oncology team.

Throughout the process, my goal is to enhance your health, feel empowered to make informed decisions and embrace a holistic approach to your cancer care.

Biography & History of Practice

Dr. Alaina Gair is a dedicated naturopathic doctor, speaker, and entrepreneur, specializing in supporting patients and caregivers through cancer care. With a background in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, she pursued naturopathic medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Now based in Guelph, Ontario, Dr. Gair focuses on enhancing patients' quality of life through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy.

Meet Dr. Jordan

Before achieving his Naturopathic Doctor designation, Dr. Jordan earned an EMT diploma and an undergraduate degree in psychology. This educational background and professional experience have profoundly influenced his approach to naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Jordan is deeply cognizant of the interplay between physical and mental health in disease progression. For patients diagnosed with cancer, issues like ADHD, anxiety, and depression might appear secondary. However, these factors can considerably impact overall health and the course of the disease.

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