Our Approach to Integrative Cancer Care

We offer 3 ways to work with us!


Premium 1:1 Support

Dr. Gair has a curated process for you and your family to provide a high level support as you navigate a cancer diagnosis.


Please use the link below and start your new patient application by booking an Insight Session with Dr. Gair or one of our associates.

The Cancer Collective

How can we resolve the loneliness that can come from a cancer diagnosis? Support groups are not for everyone but the evidence is clear that gathering in a group to discuss your health can improve outcomes.


Dr. Gair created The Cancer Collective. A group version of her 1:1 intake process that facilitates education, community and healing for patients with, or recovering from, cancer.


Book an Insight Session to see if this might be the right fit for you or click below to join our next group medical appointment.

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Foundations for Health in Cancer

1:1 care isn't for everyone. Dr. Gair has created Foundations for Health in Cancer for people who want a reliable, evidence-based resource without the commitment of visits. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and don't know where to start or what resources to trust, this self-guided video course is a great place to start.

Are you a caregiver?

Learn more about our caregiver support course here!

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