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At TCN, we are passionate about caring for patients with cancer.  As demand for integrative cancer care has increased, we have grown our team to be able to provide more access to care for people facing this disease.

Our team of naturopathic doctors works collaboratively with Dr. Gair. We are committed to building a strong team so we can provide you with the guidance you need during your diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Meet Dr. Irina Chan, ND

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As a healthcare professional with a passion for supporting individuals with cancer, I understand the challenges that come with cancer treatment. My top priority is to create a caring and empathetic environment where we can collaborate to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your health needs.

I strive to actively listen to your concerns, educate you on your options, and advocate for your health and well-being. With my experience in safely and effectively incorporating naturopathic therapies alongside cancer treatment plans, I am committed to helping you manage your symptoms and reduce your risk of progression or recurrence.

Prior to studying Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Irina earned a BSc in Biochemistry degree at the University of New Brunswick.

Meet Dr. Jordan Kerner, ND 

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Prior to my completing my Naturopathic Doctor designation, I received an EMT diploma and an undergraduate degree in psychology. My education and work experience has influenced the way that I practice medicine as an ND.

I am very aware of how your physical and mental health can impact disease. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, your mental health concerns like ADHD, anxiety and depression may have fallen to the sidelines. However, these can greatly influence your overall health and progression of disease.

I will work with you to develop an integrative care plan that addresses all of your health concerns in addition to supporting you through your conventional care.



I know you're overwhelmed with all of the resources for thriving through cancer - I can help!